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“Today, single-minded ambition is a thing of the past. The culture of collaboration challenges the traditional organisational structure like never before. People put the freedom to explore oneself, earning while doing what you love and most importantly key synergies before the conventional job satisfaction.”

Imagine a community that brings together a curated bunch of like-minded professionals, start-ups, mompreneurs, doctors and business coaches. Any such community has the power to turn into an eco-system to collaborate, converse, discover and execute your own goals through different platforms.

Meet NeuralMaven- a gated community which offers just that. Envisioned by Mr Visibility Sampath K Iyengar (Or Sam, the name he actually goes by) it enables you to attend, interact and socialise without the hassle of time and effort spent behind running the group.

Currently, NeuralMaven curates four communities:

Curafluence International (to be launched) 

Partners, Vendors or Contacts, whatever your business needs at your Fingertips, Stay tuned for more 

Networking at Nine 

A Business Accelerator meetup where you share a power breakfast with a melting pot of Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Startups, Mompreneurs to learn how to get your business up to speed.

Jam with Sam 

Every month, We have an event where over 25 to 35  professionals and entrepreneurs from all walks of life meet, to interact with each other, to learn from each other’s experiences, in an attempt to eventually help each other grow – professionally and personally. 

The First meeting highlight of the evening is an easy-going conversational style interview (which we call Jam-with-Sam), wherein eminent personalities are invited to speak about their own challenges and their experiences.

Jam with Sam was Conceived as a platform to spotlight businesses on social media, ‘Jam with Sam’ quickly morphed into a hub for entrepreneurs and public figures. With more than 85 episodes in the bag, over the last seven-plus years, the show has been graced by a diverse guest list, including Master Chef Ranvir Brar, Kiran Manral , Kalyan Karmarkar, Rashmi Bansal, Vishal Gondal, Ravi Subramanian , Nirmika Singh, Rohini Ramnathan , Mihir Joshi, Vickky Idnaani , Zenia Ali, Sharon Prabhakar , Preeti Vyas , Afroz Shah, Luke Coutinho , Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal , Rushina Ghildiyal, Elsa Dsilva , Meghna Pant , Sameer Malkani, Sachin Kalbag , Ruchi Srivastav, Vijay Jatia, Pradeep Dwivedi, Mrs India 2016 Mohini Sharma, Ashish Manchanda ,  Bishakha Datta , Sanjay Muthal, Mona Menon, Vivek Mendonsa, Rajesh Mishra, Alfred Arambam , Priyanka Khimani, Nandita Puri, Amit Jaju,  Antoine Lewis , Revathi Roy , Varun Inamdar, Pinki Dalal, Dr Amit Karkhanis , Geetha Mahadevan, Kirthi Shetty, N.S. Nappinai, Hrishik, Anagha Karkhanis,  and many more.

With a dedicated member base and a carefully-curated guest list, each meeting showcases the who’s who of various industries. It’s no wonder then that, wrapped in friendly banter and engaging anecdotes, doses of inspiration and knowledge are a guarantee.

We have our youtube channel Jam with Sam  which has all our Video Interviews which you can check 

NeuralMaven Community 

This is a group of business owners who have moved beyond business and now strategize, mentor and collaborate with each other